What-is-the-sense-of-life room

Why are we here? Surely you have asked yourself this question. The word "sense" is rooted in the meaning to go, to take a direction. A recent survey on this topic shows: only about 20% of participants don't think about this issue. Seekers see their lives as meaningful when they feel they "belong": family can provide this feeling, but so can faith or political activism.

Have you found the meaning of your life? Can you answer the "why" with "therefore"?
I would be happy to support you on your way to find your personal meaning of life!

Men room

This is about all the issues that make or have made you the man you are. On the one hand, it's about typical male ways of functioning, such as straightforward, no-frills and analog. On the other hand, it's also about your "female", emotional world. Possible topics could be:

- Dealing with intense feelings like fear, sadness or shame
- How do I show myself in the partnership?
- Repressing, allowing and enduring emotions

Women's room

After more than 20 years of experience in a female-dominated professional environment, I am extremely familiar with the female being. Accepting the sameness and diversity of perception of emotional and intellectual issues in all their shades. From man to woman.

Party room

Exuberantly enjoy your high, celebrate joy and lightness. In a bar, a pub or anywhere else in the middle of it.

Room of rest

Only our presence. Inspiration in the minimalist. Recharge your batteries by being aware. In nature, during a walk.

Your own room

There is always an empty room that you can decorate with your requests.