The foundation was built at the end of December 1969 on the sunny side of life. Since then, it has been in the process of construction and expansion. Renovations are as much a part of it as the certainty of the decay of the walls.

Your host

My name is Pascal Sütterlin and I draw from over 20 years of experience in self-employment. During this time I have experienced emotional ups and downs with my clients and partners. Further education in communication and dispute culture, rhetoric and body language. Training as a companion for the dying and to date practical experience in a small group of companions for the dying. My eventful biography in relationship and family matters have made me especially sensitive to this subject area.

Who are my guests?

Every person, of every age, in every conceivable life situation.

Who cooks at the Heart Hotel?

In my hotel we cook together. Maybe you bring heavy food? Together we portion and make it easily digestible.

Where is the hotel located?

Where you want to have it. Outdoors in nature, in a cozy café or anywhere else.

How are the rooms furnished?

You can create one by yourself or integrate it into an already existing room enter. From each room you will see the hills and valleys of your life.

How much does the stay at the Heart Hotel cost?

The first Check-in for one hour meeting is free of charge. Further check-ins will be charged at the hourly rate of Fr. 80.-. Also a barter with your service or another offer is possible.

What makes my heart hotel unique?

Being a "host of the heart" - a completely new idea? Maybe not, but my work is completely different. I am not concerned with the application of academic psychology education, but with practical pastoral care: very close to your life, very close to your heart. Since I draw from a wealth of concrete experience, my understanding of you is rooted in down-to-earth ground. We meet at eye level by virtue of being human. We draw from the only power that creates everything: love.
I meet you with mindfulness, appreciation and openness. My work unfolds during our encounter.