• Simone Senn, Rapperswil
    "Pascal, for me you are a person that I would not want to miss all the years in which I was allowed to get to know you, as a good friend. You always see the bright side of life, even if it is tough. You give the feeling of infinite freedom and possibility, even when the situation seems anything but free and possible. You have a relaxed way which brings me on the palm :-) but exactly with it you show the NOW and what is really important grad again and again. Your own search for truth and peace, for understanding and acceptance I appreciate very much. It makes you special and in it is your own depth. Your humor and refreshing nature infects me every time we see each other. "
  • Markus Tschann, Horgen
    "I have known Pascal for more than 25 years and his warm manner is simply unique. He approaches people and meets everyone openly and appreciatively. He is as spontaneous and creative as he is sincere and profound. A wonderful personality with a lot of life experience and a huge heart. "
    Markus Tschann, Horgen
  • Michael Zwicky, Stäfa
    "Pascal is one of the warmest people I know. He is spontaneous and approaches people very openly and without prejudice. He is a good listener and a creative spirit. The meetings with Pascal are refreshing and inspiring. He has a big heart with a lot of room for all kinds of encounters and topics. "
    Michael Zwicky, Stäfa
  • Silvana Signor, Wetzikon
    "I love your honest, authentic, humorous, genuine and sometimes crazy way. When I'm not feeling well and I can't see the forest for the trees, it's enough to visit you in your heart hotel. My heart then becomes lighter and I regain courage to believe in my strength - Heart Hotel, what a fitting name for your work! "
    Silvana Signor, Wetzikon
  • Christoph Willi, Hochdorf
    "A meeting with you is always an enrichment. Your calm and attentive manner creates an atmosphere of trust. Conversations arise that are characterized by openness and appreciation. One simply feels at ease. Only to recommend. "
    Christoph Willi, Hochdorf
  • Christoph Stelzhammer, Zurich

    I have known Pascal for many years now. There are many warm-hearted people. But Pascal Sütterlin is warmth personified. So I can only recommend a stay in his heart hotel.

    Christoph Stelzhammer, Zurich