YOU have the need...

... to entrust personal stories to someone who has an emotionally neutral point of view.
... to share current joys and sorrows with someone who meets you with an open heart.
... to reveal yourself to an unbiased and unprejudiced stranger.
... to feel comfortable and understood with a person you don't know yourself.

I am your host

Like in a hotel, may you feel welcome, comfortable and at home during our meeting. My heart is not a residence to stay forever, but a temporary meeting place.

An encounter of the heart with a stranger - a contradiction? Can't you only open your heart to someone familiar? Quite the opposite: whether it's the brief acquaintance at the supermarket checkout, the encounter in the train compartment, or when paths cross on a journey: in all these places I have already experienced so many rich and lasting encounters. Encounters in which the other person, without knowing it or wanting it, is an indescribable and lasting enrichment. During this time-limited togetherness, intense discussions can arise, emotional worlds can break open. I am always deeply touched by how time stretches in such short encounters and allows an undreamt-of closeness to my counterpart to develop. How is that possible?

Seeing the person behind the person

The fact that it has always been easy for me to approach strangers with an open heart is all well and good. But why does a great familiarity develop even after a very short time? During my travels or my work as a companion for the dying, I have noticed time and again that distance can lead to closeness: I am not a confidant, a friend or a family member. I have no history with this person and consequently I cannot get too close to him, hurt him or abuse his trust. I do not pursue any selfish interests and am therefore a neutral person.

I perceive you with my heart as a human being and not as a condemnor or judge of your history.
May our encounter be an encounter of the heart.